Defy the way you play.
Experience a gaming restructure that will challenge your perception and reimagine how you interact.


Empathy plays a part.
DEFY™ comes in four materials, a customisable AI companion, built from the ground up for indy teams, a free development platform with annual based membership, a 1920×1730 resolution multi-touch capacitive HDR screen, facial recognition for easily switching users and AI interaction, a range of new third party designed gamepads, arcade sticks and accessories and tons more excitement to follow!


Meet the Family.

So much and with a slide up screen to boot!
We like slick edges, mono colour schemes and modern design. But we’re an software/hardware engineering outfit that aspire for DENY™ to be both great inside and out.

So we got in touch with some rather snazzy designers to help refine the aesthetics. Not just for it’s physical body, but for the user interface and operation features too.

Voyage into a new continuum.
We’ve engineered from the ground up, which includes kickstarting a brand new gaming library to include our technology from the very beginning. So every game on our system is an exclusive!


For independent developers.
We favour the brave and celebrate people that take one small step into the unknown.

So, to welcome our developers, we’ve created an amazing experience that allows them to promote their games, build communities and expand an independent market, based on what the market was originally created for, fun.

 And the best thing about our dev platform? It’s free.

 We don’t take listing or sales fees, all we ask is a ridiculously cheap annual membership that helps us create a better experience to help you develop.

Introducing your AI companion.
One of the main features of DEFY™, is AIDE (Artificially Intelligent DEFY Experience).

You don’t have to call them AIDE, call them anything you want. Class the gender and customise the base personality to be someone that suits you.

AIDE will have converstations with you when you’re bored and will play with or against you in every single game developed for our system.

If you’re competitive by nature, AIDE can be given ‘traits’ that will enhance their personality. You might start to receive in-game heckling, taunts and yes, we’ve also implemented various over 18 traits.

Expandability is key.
Our platform is download based only, this allows our developers to forget about publishing on a physical level and concentrate on what really matters.

So we’ve created a sort of reverse cart system as well as an online subsystem.

It consists of various size SSD storage for extremely fast loading times, with hybrid SD capabilities for lower level asset libraries.

The expansion port will also be home to some other applications that we have in mind for the future.

In the back.
Turn baby turn!

Connect to the world.
With standard connections such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, we’ve also included two USB 3.1 for external HDD and other peripherals, USB-C for high speed data transfer / power management and a HDMI 2.0 for playing on your TV.

We’ve also teamed up with some exciting 3rd parties to design and build some truly amazing gamepads, arcade sticks and accessories that will expand your gaming experience.


What’s under the hood?
We’re engineers, and we want to put some fancy tech at the heart of DEFY™. Tech, that stands proud and gives developers the opportunity to create. Tech, that handles high end gaming with engines such as Unity™ and Unreal™ with ease. Tech that thinks towards a brighter future.

It’s on the workbench and we’re continuing to tinker.


So when’s the release date?
We’ll be in touch!